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Real Estate Transactions

Most people enter into real estate transactions only a handful of times in their entire lifetimes.


Business Law

Create a business solution that works for you. McKenna Law represents numerous businesses, all of which require their own.


Estate Planning & Probate

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all estate plan


Zoning & Land Use

We’ll give you a realistic view of what to expect. Zoning and land use laws can be complicated.



Most people do not consider the situations that would require legal counsel until they encounter them. However, every day, thousands of people throughout Illinois realize that their current situations demand the attention of an Illinois attorney who has solid experience handling cases similar to theirs. When you are in such a situation, it is essential to find an experienced lawyer to help you.

Experienced Illinois Legal Representation

At McKenna Law, PC, we offer thorough, client-focused legal counsel on a wide range of issues. Our firm specializes in areas of law that many attorneys in the area do not practice, offering local clients accessible, professional legal counsel when they need it most. If you are preparing for a real estate transaction, creating a new business, or want to create an estate plan for your family, we can help.

Why Should I Hire an Illinois Attorney for a Real Estate Transaction?

If you are preparing to buy or sell real estate in Illinois, you can only rely on your real estate agent so much. Various legal and ethical issues prevent some real estate agents from divulging too much information about certain transactions to their clients. However, it is understandable for any buyer or seller to want to make the most informed decision possible. Additionally, the real estate world often requires navigating complex legal statutes, some of which the average person may not be able to navigate on their own.

At McKenna Law, PC, we can provide detail-oriented legal counsel for a wide range of real estate issues, including:

  • Residential real estate transactions. If you are buying a new home or selling your old one, our firm can carefully review the details to ensure it is fair and legally enforceable.
  • Commercial real estate transactions. Make a more informed decision about your real estate investment for your business with the help of an Illinois attorney.
  • New construction projects. If you are building new construction of any kind, our team has extensive experience in real estate law, zoning, and land use in the Crystal Lake, Illinois, area.
  • Commercial and residential lease agreements. Leasing requires carefully drafted contracts. Whether you are preparing a lease agreement for a renter or preparing to sign one from a property owner, we can ensure the agreement meets all legal requirements.

These are just a few examples of our firm’s legal services in the Illinois real estate market. We also specialize in various other related areas of law.

How a Business Law Attorney Can Help Your Company

Owning a business can be just as challenging as rewarding, but navigating the legal aspects of business ownership can be tremendously difficult. At McKenna Law, PC, we can assist you with:

  • Business entity formation. We will help you determine what type of business entity best suits your enterprise and complete the formation process.
  • Business asset purchases and sales. Investing decisions are crucial for your company’s future, and our team will help you complete these transactions with greater confidence.
  • Succession planning. At McKenna Law, PC, we can help you create a plan to continue your business following the retirement or death of the current partners.
  • Business contract preparation and review. The modern business world revolves around contracts, and our team at McKenna Law will assist with contract creation and review contracts prepared by other parties.

At McKenna Law, PC, we can also provide meticulous legal counsel for creating an estate plan and navigating the probate process in Illinois.

How We Can Help With Estate Planning and Probate

Preparing an estate plan is beneficial to you and your loved ones. A properly configured estate plan can limit uncertainty and make life easier for your family after you are gone. If a family member dies without an estate plan, our team could help you navigate the probate process. We can assist you with various aspects of estate planning and probate law, including:

  • Last wills. These documents transmit your final wishes to your family and your beneficiary designations that determine who receives your property after your death.
  • Living trusts. A living trust can help your family avoid much of the hassle of probate as long as it is appropriately constructed.
  • Irrevocable trusts. Irrevocable trusts are somewhat risky but effective at helping your family avoid death and estate taxes. We can help you determine if this type of trust is right for you.
  • Durable powers of attorney. It is wise to designate someone to take legal responsibility for you when you become unable to do so yourself. We will help you craft durable powers of attorney for the loved ones you trust most.
  • Advance care directives. If you have specific wishes regarding your medical care and end-of-life treatment, putting them in writing in an advance care directive is the best way to ensure those wishes are respected.

Estate administration and probate. At McKenna Law, PC, we can help a family through the often-difficult estate administration process after the death of a family member. If you and your family must undergo probate proceedings, having an Illinois attorney represent you will make the process much easier.

These are just a few examples of the estate planning and probate services you can expect from our team at McKenna Law, PC.

Land Use and Zoning

Our team can also provide comprehensive legal guidance in various land use and zoning-related matters, including:

  • Zoning reclassification. If you are rezoning a plot of land for a specific purpose, our team can guide you through the legal mechanisms required to accomplish this.
  • Map amendments. If you believe the map of your property or the surrounding area includes errors or that natural events shifted the landscape in a memorable way, talk with our firm. Our team can help you have the official map redrawn to reflect these issues.
  • Conditional use permits. If you are rezoning land for a purpose outside of the uses assigned to its current zoning classification, we can help you obtain the conditional use permit you will need to do so legally.

Land use and zoning often require navigating complex legal proceedings and obtuse paperwork. You can make these issues much easier to manage by working with an experienced Illinois attorney.

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At McKenna Law, PC, we are proud to offer client-focused and responsive legal representation for a wide range of real estate transactions for Crystal Lake, Illinois, area clients. If you need legal representation for any issue pertaining to real estate, business law, estate planning, or zoning, we can help. Contact McKenna Law, PC, today to schedule your consultation with our team.

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