Crystal Lake Business Law Attorney

Crystal Lake Business Law Attorney

Business Lawyer in Crystal Lake, Illinois

Owning and operating a business can be incredibly rewarding, but it is also challenging. Every business owner must make carefully calculated decisions about various aspects of their operations. They must do so while weighing currently available information and forecasting the future for their enterprise. Starting a business also requires keen attention to detail, and various legal mechanisms are required to establish a new business entity properly.

Representing Crystal Lake, Illinois, Business Owners

Whether you are planning to start a new business or have encountered legal issues with your current operation, you must know when you consult a Crystal Lake, Illinois business law attorney. Reliable legal advice can be invaluable in many situations that pose challenges to your company. Our team at McKenna Law, PC, can offer the legal counsel you need in these situations. Attorney McKenna and our team have years of experience helping business owners navigate the complex laws and regulations for their industries. We are prepared to leverage this experience on your company’s behalf.

Why Should I Hire an Illinois Business Law Attorney?

If you are starting a new business in Illinois, you have probably already conducted extensive research on the various legal requirements you face as you establish your new business entity. However, while most business owners are careful, conscientious, and aware of their legal obligations, many lack practical experience with legal proceedings, and they will need to navigate these issues fluently to establish their businesses successfully.

Current business owners often face legal challenges in expanding their operations, growing their network of partners, and creating new products and services. It is also possible for business owners to encounter acute legal problems such as employee disputes regarding compensation and benefits, regulatory noncompliance, and disagreements among major stakeholders. Small business owners also need to make legally enforceable plans for continued management after they retire or can no longer run their companies.

Client-focused Legal Help for Your Business

An experienced Crystal Lake business law attorney is a tremendous asset in all these situations. You can rely on our legal team at McKenna Law, PC, to carefully review your current business-related legal issues, provide detailed guidance for addressing these problems effectively, and offer ongoing support as you navigate your current situation. We take a client-focused approach to every case we accept and are ready to learn as much as we can about your company, your goals, and your unique needs to provide trustworthy legal representation.

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Our Legal Services for Businesses in Crystal Lake, Illinois

We have successfully represented many business clients with a wide range of legal issues. Some of the legal services our team provides to business owners in Illinois include:

  • Business entity formation. It is possible to create a business in several ways, each offering unique benefits and drawbacks. Whether you are a sole proprietor who needs to establish a limited liability company (LLC) or need to legally form a C-Corp or S-Corp, our team can walk you through the legal mechanisms involved in the business formation process.
  • Business asset purchases and sales. Every business owner must evaluate every purchase and sale of assets very carefully. If you are buying new assets, they are investments in the success of your business. Selling business assets is an excellent option for streamlining operations in some situations. You can rely on McKenna Law, PC, to help you carefully evaluate the transaction including that of real estate and ensure you meet all your legal requirements.
  • Owner agreements. An owner agreement is a legal document drafted during the company’s formation by the company owners. This agreement establishes how the owners intend for the company to function and the responsibilities of all major stakeholders.
  • Succession planning. Succession planning is the process of assigning responsibility for your company to others. It is a consideration when you decide to leave the company, retire, or become medically incapable of continuing to run the business. A properly constructed succession plan can ensure its success for years to come. An Illinois business law attorney can help you develop a comprehensive succession plan for your company.
  • Business contract preparation and review. Contracts are essential components of most modern business relationships. Therefore, developing comprehensive and legally enforceable contracts is crucial for virtually all business owners. McKenna Law, PC, can assist you in developing properly configured contracts and conduct thorough reviews of the contracts you need to sign.

These are just a few of the legal services the team at McKenna Law, PC, can provide to business owners.

Benefits of Hiring an Illinois Business Law Attorney

While most business owners have in-depth knowledge of their industries, operations, and the regulations that apply to their companies, many struggle to navigate the more challenging legal matters they face. Carefully evaluating each decision through a legal lens is crucial.

Working with an experienced Illinois business law attorney is the best way to approach these situations with peace of mind. An experienced business lawyer can help their client consider aspects of business decisions they may not have thoroughly evaluated, enabling them to make more informed choices for the direction of their business. Even large companies with in-house legal departments may need to consult outside legal counsel from time to time. An experienced Crystal Lake, Illinois business law attorney can work in close coordination with your legal team and provide a broader view of the current situation.

Create a business solution that works for you.

McKenna Law represents numerous businesses, all of which require their own careful consideration for specifics such as entity type and capitalization. We work with you and your accounting professional to determine the type of entity that is right for your business venture, and prepare and file the documents necessary for your compliance with applicable laws. We prepare and advise with respect to shareholder and partnership agreements and operating agreements to promote ownership harmony and succession planning. We work with new and established businesses to develop contracts, legal documents, and forms to protect and advance your business operations.

Our Business Law Practice includes:

Entity Formation

Forming the right business entity is imperative to protect yourself from personal liability and to take best advantage of tax laws. We work with you and your accountant to secure the best business solution for your particular business in Crystal Lake, IL.

Purchase and Sale of Business Interests

In addition to representing clients that form new businesses, McKenna Law routinely represents sellers and buyers of various existing business interests, We work with our clients to determine the type of transaction that best suits their needs, whether the purchase and sale of assets, the purchase and sale of equity interests, or more complex arrangements such as earn out agreements and options.

Owner Agreements and Succession Planning

It is advisable for co-owners to enter into an appropriate buy/sell agreement at the outset of a business venture to set forth the rights and responsibilities of the co-owners to each other upon the occurrence of unforeseen events such as the death of a co-owner, the proposed sale of an ownership interest, the involuntarily transfer of an ownership interest to a creditor (e.g., an ex-spouse), or the inability of the co-owners to agree on management decisions. We can help lay out solutions now to avoid problems down the road.

Business Contracts

Every transaction that a business owner enters into constitutes a contract. We work with new and established businesses to develop standard contracts, legal documents, and forms to protect and advance your business operations.

Discuss Your Situation with A Crystal Lake, IL Business Law Attorney

Any business owner operating without the insight of a knowledgeable lawyer is putting their livelihood at risk. Whatever your company’s needs may be, the right Illinois business law attorney can be an invaluable asset. You can rely on our team at McKenna Law, PC, to provide comprehensive legal advice for whatever situation you face. Your company can consider our firm a consulting partner, or we can offer direct legal representation in a wide range of legal matters involving your company.

If you need assistance addressing any legal matter with your business, our legal team at McKenna Law, PC, can help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how our firm can assist your business.

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“We work with you and your accounting professional to determine the type of entity that is right for your business venture. We’ll prepare and file the documents necessary for your compliance with applicable laws.”

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